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In 2007 I had reached crisis point. I had been struggling with the corporate dog eat dog world I was working in and it eventually came to a head late that year which led to me leaving the high-powered job that I had. There then followed a run of fortuitous events. I won a ticket to see a Monty Roberts demonstration at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire. This inspired me to attend various Intelligent Horsemanship (IH) courses. I then came across Equine Touch (ET) in 2008 whilst on one of these IH courses in Witney, Oxfordshire. 


Whilst on this course we had been working with a very highly strung arab and I sat down with interest, and a degree of scepticism, to watch an ET demonstration on this same horse. To my complete and utter amazement within seconds of the first moves being made the picture in front of me was of a completely different horse.  He had changed from a horse on high alert with his head up, ears pricked and all muscles tense, to a picture of relaxation –lowered head, glazed eyes, ears off to the side and the change in the muscle tension along his back and in his neck was palpable.  My attention was riveted.  I could actually see the ET working before my eyes and I had never before witnessed a horse in this state – what we term as ‘processing’.  By the end of the demonstration I had decided that I would attend the Foundation level horse owners course so that I could deliver this gift to my horse.


After completing the Foundation course, and after feeling and seeing the difference it made to my own horse when riding and working him, I was hooked. I progressed down the practitioner route and qualified in 2011. You can find further case studies here and testimonials from owners here.


Equine Touch works not only at a physical level, but at an emotional and spiritual level too. 

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