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Case Studies 

Processing Photos show the horse inwardly focusing on the muscle releases and changes in the body following a series of ET moves.


Before and After & Josh's Story.

Josh's Story

Josh arrived with his owner having been a national hunt racer. His new owner did not have much history on him other than the fact that he had had a fall whilst racing but that he had apparently raced successfullypost-fall. She was told that he was retired due to an undiagnosed foreleg lameness.


Josh was very underweight when he arrived. He was assessed by the vet and was diagnosed with a potential kissing spine. Due to his condition the vet recommended that he be allowed to gain weight and be brought back into work very slowly when the time was right before any further assessment would be made on the kissing spine. She also agreed that bodywork would be advisable to support his rehabilitation.

Initially Josh’s movement behind was very vertically exaggerated with no roll through his back. He was unable to extend and reach his hind legs properly underneath his body as he walked. After his first Equine Touch session there was a marked improvement in his movement. His back started to roll as he walked and the exaggerated vertical movement he had previously displayed almost disappeared. He appeared to be much more comfortable in both walk and trot (in hand).

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